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Suncoast Pine Bedding
Fitzgerald, Georgia


Suncoast’s shavings mill converts pine logs into shavings — they contracted with PDI to update their wood shavings system, including a new rotary drum dryer and shavings plant burner.  The new plant was custom designed and engineered to integrate existing wood shavings machines and efficiently produce 16,000 lbs per hour of product using mixed fuel input, increasing previous capacity while reducing emissions and increasing their animal bedding quality.

Suncoast’s dry dust burner was replaced with PDI’s wet fuel burner, designed to utilize a wide variety of wood fuel sources with varying moisture content and providing a consistent heat flow into the animal bedding dryer. Engineered to reduce waste and emissions, this PDI burner operates at a high level of efficiency, limiting nitrous oxide emissions and reducing the plant’s environmental footprint without sacrificing product quality.

The existing triple pass dryer was replaced with an automated rotary dryer system that was custom-designed by PDI.  The new animal bedding dryer design used an air density classification system to upgrade the wood shavings mill by ensuring consistent drying for all incoming material, regardless of input moisture content — the new design allows for the wood shavings to be dried more gently over a longer period of time, leading to a superior product.  The new dryer is also engineered to use air recycling technology to make sure no heat goes to waste, simultaneously improving environmental impact and production efficiency at the wood shavings mill.


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